Day 5 – Today Has Been Intense So It’s Time To Blog About Something Fun

Day 5 – Today Has Been Intense So It’s Time To Blog About Something Fun

I have spent the whole of today learning about Facebook Ads. The training course, whilst it’s provided for free within the back office of the company I signed up to learn Affiliate Marketing with, it wasn’t actually created by them. I’m finding the training tedious and technical so I’m going to take a trip down Memory Lane.

If you have read my “About Me” page you will know that I made arrangements in our financial affairs that allowed me to work from anywhere. My husband retired back in 2011. We spent 12 months making arrangements so that we could travel the UK in a motorhome and explore places carefully, in detail, rather than spending 2 weeks in one place (2 days of which would be spent travelling there and back). I always found these kinds of holidays to be rather tiring. I would get back to work on the Monday and feel more exhausted than before I left work.

We left our house on Friday, 14th September 2012 and took our motorhome just ten miles up the road from where we lived. We stayed there for 6 weeks whilst we set up a system that we could live with. A system so that we could actually live in. A motorhome is not very big and both me and my husband, Mike, have very big personalities πŸ™‚ Every day things that you take for granted in a house or a flat have toΒ  be rethought out. Daily showers, cooking, washing up, even listening to the radio or watching telly. Hubby likes to have noise in the background. He likes listening to music. I like silence, especially if I’m working which I did continue to do, even whilst we were on the road.

We had planned our first adventure to be over in Whitby. Neither of us had been there and we both wanted to experience Goth Weekend. so, as we neared the end of October, having arranged our living space and our habits into some sort of semblence, we hit the road for real.

Watch this space for the next thrilling episode of “Life in a Camper Van” πŸ™‚

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