Day 6 – and More Intense Training on Traffic Generation … Time For Another Fun Break

Day 6 – and More Intense Training on Traffic Generation …

I am still working on this, and not surprisingly really. Once you have your blog set up, your sales funnel set up, your email trail set up there is nothing else left to do other than generate traffic. Traffic is the life blood of any online business so it makes sense that it is going to take time to understand all the nuances and all the ins and outs. As I’m still learning I don’t want to bore you with the inside leg measurements of a traffic campaign. I will leave that little gem to the time when I’m actually going to launch one. Instead I’m going to titillate your imagination with a wild and windswept cliff top scene in Whitby.

I’m sure that when we left Rivington to go to Whitby in order to enjoy Goth weekend we must have stopped off somewhere, because it’s actually quite a long haul, 133 miles, according to Google maps. But, considering that it’s now 7 years after the event, I can’t remember the finer points. What I can remember is the actual campsite. It was (still is) situated on a cliff top on the North East coast of England. It gets battered by winds that howl over the North Sea and in October, believe me, the winds can howl.

The campsite itself is less than 1 mile away from the ruins of Whitby Abbey. This is the abbey that fired Bram Stoker’s imagination in his novel “Dracula”. Imagine a medieval ruin, laid to waste by King Henry VIII, on a remote cliff top in the 19th century and you get a sense of the foreboding that Bram Stoker must have felt as he wrote his masterpiece. Such is the setting that we found ourselves when we arrived in Whitby

The festival itself was fun and not in the least bit dismal or foreboding. The people and the costumes were breathtaking. I would love to post some pictures at this point but I can’t lay my hands on my photos. I think they might be lost on an old laptop. I will make it a quest of mine to find them.

Whitby itself is famous for fish and chips. There is a particular restaurant in Whitby called The Magpie that is famous for its fish and chips. We went there and we enjoyed it. BUT, I must also say, that Whitby seems to have more fish and chip restaurants and take aways per capita than anywhere else in the country. We tried at least 5 different fish and chip places and we did not have one single bad experience.

Tomorrow … I may tell you about my time aboard the Hogwarts Express and the North Yorkshire Railway but for now I wish you well.

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  1. I have enjoyed your informative and entertaining posts. It’s been my pleasure to watch your progress and overcoming challenges with the blog.

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