Day 11 – I Did Promise You New Ways Of Making Money Online

I Did Promise You New Ways Of Making Money Online

But the fact of the matter is that I am very confused. Besides this blog I have a Facebook page entitled “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” – I am a beginner and I figured that other beginners who come along can benefit from my experience. Every post I have written I have promoted both on my personal Facebook page and on the “Affiliate” page that I created. So far, so good. Now, pages that you create in Facebook are designed for businesses (I get that – it’s not a problem). Facebook had been telling me that it was giving me $5 to boost my page. So I decided to use it against my post yesterday (Day 10 – “What will the state pension buy you”) Now, friends of mine had been saying that the picture I included would never be accepted by the advertising guidelines so when I received an email saying the ad had been rejected I was neither surprised nor upset. I was surprised when I received an email later on saying that the advert had been approved and would soon be rolled out, given that I had neither appealed against the ruling nor amended the post in any way.

When I went to amend the link because I now have a tracking facility, I found that the ad had been disabled and my account had been blocked. Now, I’m not bothered either way as to whether the ad is suitable or not but I am bothered if they approve it and then decide to block me so I am feeling a little dischuffed at the state of affairs at the moment. It’s late on a Sunday night, just before Christmas. I don’t think I have it in me to write a snotty email at this late stage. I think I’m just going to publish this post and try and resolve this tomorrow.

If you visit – please leave a comment and say hi. If you have experienced this please tell me how it went for you and how you resolved it.

Tata for now, stay safe xx

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  1. Yep, sounds about right for Facebook Anne, they simply cannot turn down a chance to make a buck. Don’t be surprised if it gets rejected again when it hits your ads manager account. I found a way around that is to create a number of different account titles so if/when one gets closed down, you can re-emerge with your others.

    1. Sound like a plan Pete 🙂 Actually, it was reapproved through the night but my account was disabled due to “unusual activity”. Hmmm, I think the unsual activity is theirs since I have only taken one action. All the approving and disapproving is them 😮

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