About Me

Today, as I launch my blog, it’s my birthday – I’m 61. There – I’ve announced it to the world. I’m a baby boomer from the UK who has been caught by the government’s plans to raise the retirement age. When I got married, 41 years ago, women could draw their state pension at age 60.

My darling husband is older than me – A LOT OLDER, – 12 years in fact. I knew that when he retired at 65 I would have another 7 years to work before I could retire at age 60 and so I made plans about 14 years ago. I made plans to build another income stream so that we could enjoy his retirement together. That put in place, once he had retired, we travelled the UK for 3 years together, seeing places that we never had time to see before. Now, we spend the winters in Spain and it’s all because I set up that second income stream.

Age is a strange thing. They say it’s just a number, and well maybe it is, but it’s a big number when it’s time for you to retire. There is no guarantee how much time you have on this earth but for him to retire and then me have to wait another 7 years before I could retire seems a waste of time. So I made plans and it’s a good thing I did because I can no longer draw my state pension at age 60, it will be my 66th birthday before I am allowed to access it.

Now, I’m looking to start another income stream from Affiliate Marketing and I invite everyone to watch me, and maybe even join me as I declare my independence from my state pension and continue to live life on my own terms.

Anne Peat, 12 December 2019